Taxation of business is the main source of Federal, State and Local Government Revenue and thus a major constraint on product pricing, market penetration, corporate liquidity and growth. It is therefore paramount for a business enterprise to put in place all machineries available to mitigate excessive exposure to taxation.

To this end our taxation unit will provide your company the following services from time to time

  • Tax planning & management.
  • Preparation submission of tax returns and negotiation with tax authorities.
  • Procurement of tax clearance certificate (TCC)
  • Attending to tax quarries promptly.
  • Managing payroll tax, advancing on tax implication on fringe benefits.
  • Assisting with aspect of value added tax, excise duties etc.
  • Procurement with withholding tax and tax credits.
  • Procurement of certificate of attendance.
  • Advising on various ways to maximize after tax income.
  • Our engagement for the accounting services could be the followings:
  • Setting up an accounting system.
  • Supervision/training an existing accounting staff
  • To set up and implement necessary control measures in the organization
  • Preparation of monthly management report (base on the books updated by company‚Äôs staff)